Cosmetology Management Program | Washington, DC




(CIP CODE 12.0412)
The Manager Course is a 600 clock hour course and is designed to prepare the student for the District of Columbia State Board Examination. The students will be performing what has been learned in the general cosmetology course and will gain a knowledge and understanding on salon operations, to include: decorating, record keeping, salon advertising, and merchandising. The student will also become familiar with the various products that are common to salon use and will gain a working knowledge on how to deal with the public. To receive a Manager's License the District of Columbia Board of Barber and Cosmetology requires that the student successfully complete not less than 2100 clock hours of training, which includes the 1500 clock hours of training necessary to become a cosmetology operator. Additionally, the student must have served as a licensed operator for at least six (6) months.